Dream that had to end

The hollow silence got broken,
by a sudden noisy cheer,
as they go on,those children,
playing on with their toy bear.

And then when it rained,
they were all outside,
dancing and screaming in glee,
while you walk on by their side.

And suddenly you realize,
that you are in a dream,
for suddenly you are standing,
by a narrow stream.

And try,even if you will not to,
you will wake up again tomorrow,
all this cheer,and this glee,
will be replaced,by a new morrow.

Thinking this you wake up again,
the real world back in focus,
and suddenly you are back,back to work,
travelling an everlasting bus.

And the laughter still haunts,
when you walk down that lane,
and the little children’s voices,
leak out from the window pane.

Now you wonder,when will all this end,
so that you can dream again,
of laughter and of happy days,
a different new world,
but completely sane.


17 responses to “Dream that had to end

    • The question here is–“Do you want to?”

      I do feel sometimes,that as we grow up,we are more and more reluctant to have new experiences,and learn new things.
      Goes away ,fades out.

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