The light shines in through the curtains,

the dark flows out of the room,

a moment in time,

small but divine,




And a diamond shines,

in its diamond shine,

and hence,

the the light becomes a sun.



She cried in the noon,

a steep cry not too soon,

like a wolf in a lonely night,

And the day to end her plight,




The shedding autumn ends,

the monsoon goes by too,

Some seeds to grow into trees,

the slowly flowing fresh breeze.



He had to laugh into the night,

hands moving in a dance so slight,

an imaginary choir playing a melody slow,

and while sitting forever for a late audience,

it waits.


22 responses to “MOMENTS IN TIME

  1. Yeah….I was a bit concerned about too much packing myself,but when i wrote the last 4 lines,i was like–“Whoa!This fits in perfectly.”
    Things just fall in place sometimes.
    Thank you šŸ™‚

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