I passed through the old path again,

through the road on a rainy day,

and grass greener at both ends,

somehow still same,and yet totally new,

and then I look straight upon the building ahead,

from the memories,that were seemingly forgotten.


Some strange force opening my ears to screams,

those of yearning,of a time long gone,

and people forgotten,the slow advent of

the magical spell taking over.


the laughter of unseen friends,shreaks,

the ears filled with happy nostalgic sounds,

and as you look down to the ground,

an old friend’s hand pats your back.


And when you look forward again,

a dim light from long ahead,

the corridor that was once familiar,

fades before the eyes again.


A dance of those hallowed doorways,

that go on fast into the future,

the faces that stood there once,animated,

change,but a hint of the past remains.


And what about me,someone asked,

well,there isn’t much to say,i believe,

the paths that we all go on,

I am going them too,

my story told by those halls that are lonely now,

a silence broken by the sadness,

of the time that passed,

and days that don’t last.




    • Thanks a lot!
      I wanted to convey a feeling of acceptance that the past has gone somewhere and like everything else,we have to move on too which is kind of sad in many ways.
      Definitely sadder than fighting on to hold on to something.
      But acceptance is noble,it teaches to let go of the old and keep accepting the new and the kind of acceptance shown here is one in which there is an understanding that the past was beautiful and it isn’t going to come back ,so always remember it for what it was once and keep going on.

    • I did imagine school hallway,but it wasn’t the hallway of my school or for that matter any other school.
      It was the hallway from my dreams,not the dream we have while sleeping but the ones we see with open eyes.And mind you,it has been almost 2 years since I left school.

      It’s funny I felt so much nostalgia while writing a poem about a school,I never went to.
      In some ways,nostalgia is yearning for things that have never been and can never be.This poem made my belief stronger.

    • Thanks that you found the poem haunting,I did write with a school in mind,but there were many other images intertwined in my mind when I wrote the poem,and I incorporated most of them.

  1. Nostalgic! reminds me of the days gone by, of friends and everyone, everything.
    (Now, I am going to call my friends from my schooldays in these few days) 🙂

    Very vividly written. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks a lot!
    Glad that you feel that way.The poem’s premise is nostalgic.
    I just hope that someone sometime reads this poem,and sees the exact things i saw when i wrote the poem.
    Perhaps,that has happened,perhaps it hasn’t and can never happen.
    All I can do is hope! 🙂

  3. My first thought as I read your lovely poem was of my school days of long ago. It made me think of my many friends I haven’t seen for years. It’s sweet and bittersweet all mixed together.

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