The Isle Of Myth

There was a lady of the wild,
who said there existed an isle,
raining forever it had stood,
mysterious patterns carved in wood.

And on an unknown hour,
started a boy,
in search for the mythical isle,
dreams cluttered in a pile.

When he reached it finally,
it had been many years hence,
and an old man now,who was a boy before,
wanted to go back to his home again.

The fragile dreams that break,
narrow perceptions that shake,
the waving ocean,in the tides that clear,
high and low,slowly they go.

But the ocean did feel for him,
inducing hallucinations to the brim,
that his life was good and fair,
evenings spent drinking sake in flair.

But there’s no such company,
as it seems to him that there is,
who is there to tell him,
and why do we all feel so grim?

But as the river flows forward,
in the delusion he has sired,
an eternity will pass away in a bubble,
the boy who was never tired.


22 responses to “The Isle Of Myth

    • Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚
      I want to know if illusions are a good thing or bad?
      Since they can give hope and happiness to those beyond help.
      And sometimes,hope is more important than the destination.
      His illusions always kept him a child at heart even though he was old.

  1. From an island to a bubble– the playing field has shrunk, but the boy/man manages, using his own devices, to be OK with that, though it sounds like he is lost, far from home and not knowing the way back. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Thanks for your contribution to poets rally,

    because of the number of poets, most of the time, I don’t ponder in details a poet’s words give,

    it seems like you have been attending for 3 or 4 weeks so far, smiles, glad that you come,

    we have week 55 tomorrow, prepare a free verse and share, the early you link in, the better feedback you get,

    appreciated your input.
    bless you.


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