The direction

Sometimes don’t you think that all this-this constant fretting over grades,getting a good job,getting settled,is just another one of the cliches of settling into the misty circle that the traditional society has precipitated into.I mean,okay,so you don’t get good grades sometimes,and okay,sometimes you may fail,but that surely doesn’t mean that you have gone wrong somewhere.There are many examples that one may be tempted to quote,but i’ll refrain from doing so,because of the danger of falling into the colloquial-“movie stars are like regular human beings.”–Then why do we still idolize them as if they are gods?Yeah,you know what I am talking about.

It’s alright ,I guess,to screw up every now and then–in any front–be it personal or professional.What’s important is to always get up stronger than before and not commit the SAME mistakes again.Yeah,I mean,if same mistakes are committed again and again then what did one actually learn from the past?I believe that most of us have become too serious towards our lives.We don’t enjoy as much as we should–I am not saying that we don’t waste time-we waste it more than ever,and we don’t use it.We will be busy learning new and new stuff while a dreamer will be dreaming.Then one day,that dreamer will rise,like a phoenix from the ashes and we all will be awed.

What did the dreamer do?Well,he dreamt.He chose to sleep and rest,prepare for a much larger battle when we were busy fighting our petty short term goals.And the biggest of all,he chose to work because he liked work and work liked him.It was a special relationship,much unlike those who work for,let’s say–A happy life ,a happy home ,et cetera,et cetera.And the society is cliched to vacuum out these dreamers,it will push them,push them hard,into a recluse,from which they may rise,but most of them get crushed.

And what the hell,is all this muttering over society anyway?Is it really all that it is made out to be?

Perhaps,it is overrated and we shouldn’t worry so much about it.If that so and so aunt thought that I did that,then so be it.I realize sometimes that as children we grew up the most.The time when time didn’t actually exist,when the end of the road outside the house meant the end of the world.Coming home after a day of playing and the homework for next day was all that really meant.We lived then ,we grew but most important of it all,we flew,from the narrow reaches of the traditional thought.When a child doesn’t help anyone else,it is out of ignorance of ‘good virtues’.Most importantly,the conscience is guilt free.The narrow shackles haven’t yet tightened their grasp around him.

Slowly and slowly though,every child has to grow up.We can’t remain like Peter Pan forever,always in a neverland.We have to leave it someday.One thing I feel,all said and done–Why can’t we go back to that neverland now?It existed in the beginning,and it can exist till the very end.Perhaps.We should all take a trip sometimes–to the park,to the end of that road by the side of the house we grew up in,by the tree that stands by the block.They are an invariant to the ever changing life,an ever present dynamic.Maybe if we go back to all that,we can come back stronger,ready to fly high,over those oceans blue and the mountains wide.

For a moment,stop swimming.


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